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A Swift Moo
(Taylor Swift into Cow)
The evening was fast approaching in California. The streets of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood were starting to fill up with fans and media companies all preparing for the night of the Vanity Fair Awards.
“Come on Karlie, we need to find…” began a slender female as she played with her dark brown locks.
“A necklace fitted for a queen.” sighed Karlie, “Why do we run around for her Lily?”
“Because we’re Taylor’s high-class model friends and we support her.” Lily smiled.
“I understand that but surely she could have come out to get her own necklace?” Karlie quizzed.
“No silly.” chuckled Lily, “She has to prepare herself for the awards show tonight.”
Karlie rolled her eyes, unlike Lily she couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.
“Excuse me, ladies. I couldn’t help overhearing that you were looking for a necklace for the delightful MIss Swift.
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I think that the movie interpretation of the book ready player one might possibly be better
I have just noticed that I’ve hit the 50 watchers mark! So thanks to all 50 of you!! In the next month of so I’m going to put more effort into writing regular stories and artwork to. Sadly I just haven’t had the time to write my Easter themed Transformation story which is annoying, as the moment has pasted it will definitely be up next year. Next up on this channel will be a cat transformation story.
Easter is coming and I have a special Easter rabbit transformation story soon to be uploaded. Then I promise I’ll cool it on rabbit stories! 🐰🐇🐣
Does anyone here have any idea what an ‘OC’ is? Am I right by thinking it’s an open canvas?

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Stepping out of the dingy toilet area into the bright and colourful lights of the clubs main felt truly exhilarating to Alana. Gone were
all the onlookers all watching Adam’s every move and every word that he spoke. Now that he is Alana nobody has really given she a second glance apart from a young looking badger who wolf-whistled at both Brittany and Alana when they strutted out. The instant complement albeit rather vulgar gave Alana a real rush of blood that she really couldn’t explain.  The girls were still in the sitting booth area with only a low glass wall separating them from the grand dance floor beside them. The dancing animals looked like Watership down on acid. A culture club record came on and the dance floor erupted with even more noise and more elaborate dance moves from the animals below them. A chameleon that was dancing with an anteater went especially crazy to this track. His dance moves were so fast and frantic it looked like he was floating above the floor. The vibe of the dance floor was so infectious that Brittany took Alana by the paw to break her out of yet another trance and span her around half a dozen times. Alana felt electric and wanted nothing more but to get onto the dance floor and dance into the small hours of the morning. But at the same time, she still felt a tiny bit uneasy about her new self and could really do with something to relax her. The tonsil tennis with Brittany certainly helped earlier but that was really something that was a spur of the moment thing and it would be a little more public now. Not only that but Brittany seemed a little unfocused as if she was looking out for someone.

Brittany eventually snapped out of whatever she was thinking about and turned to Alana and shouted something in her ear. With the loud thumping beats Alana found it difficult to hear. “I’m just going to find my waste of space boyfriend. We’ll catch up later. Enjoy” And with a kiss on the check Brittany stepped down the steps onto the dance floor and was engulfed into a thick crowd of dancing animals.
Suddenly Alana felt very alone and lost in this crazy place although the music did still make her want to dance with everybody else. She
could defiantly use a very sniff drink for some extra Dutch courage.

She was about to make her way back to the bar when she bumped into two familiar faces whose jaws were on the floor. It was Ben the tortoise and Lizzie the Raccoon who she met at the bar with Viv earlier in the evening. Lizzie’s eyes were on strokes with her mouth wide open. She went up to the bunny before her and slowly and pulled a floppy ear off one Alana’s breasts. “A-Adam…?” The bunny let out a nervous laugh and blushed; feeling totally embarrassed about being recognized. “Errm its Alana now” replied the bunny wishing the ground would swallow her up. “There’s so fluffy,” Lizzie said stroking the fur on Alana’s ears. “So it’s true it’s really you,” Ben piped up standing beside his girlfriend who looked as equally shocked. Alana nodded. Ben gasped loudly, “As far as we know you’re the first mix up. Bon Bon is absolutely furious.” Ben said to Alana. The bunny looked equally as shocked “You mean Bon Bon’s ...?" Lizzie and Ben nodded in unison. Lizzie couldn’t take her eyes off of Alana “you’re beautiful,” she said staring at her in owe. “Isn’t he I mean she?” Lizzie said elbowing Ben in his torso. The nudge was so hard it almost winded Ben so much so it made him cough. “Yes” he blurted out “you're a real
looker,” the tortoise said very reluctantly. All these complements made Alana blush uncontrollably and made her feel like she wanted to get out of the limelight.  Alana turned to Lizzie “do you mind if I grab a drink at the bar?” she asked. “Of course,” said Lizzie giving the bunny a hug, “you need time to get used to things! You don’t want Ben and I cramping your style.” Alana smiled weakly “thanks,” she said hugging Lizzie and little tighter “Catch you guys later.”

Alana took a sigh of relief once she was out of eyesight from Lizzie and Ben. She really liked those guys but the idea of them knowing her
as Adam and now being Alana was all a bit too much. Now that she was away from the prying eyes that once knew her real self she felt
unbelievable confidant. Alana now fully let all her new female hormones take control of her mind, body and soul. Without knowing she seductively walked back through booth area taking extra care not to trip over the giraffe’s extended leg like before. She didn't realise it yet but there was definitely a feminine sway in her walk now.  The eyes of every nearby man almost burst out of their head. She walked past an howler money, Billy goat and a bison with muscles the size of a fridge. As she passed by, she watched steam blast out their ears while she pretty much tripped over there tongues. All this male attention made Alana feel unstoppable. The bar was in sight and looked significantly less busy than when Alana was last there. She stopped for a second as yet another familiar face was in front of her. It was Viv the beautiful vixen she'd met earlier in the evening. She was having a massive argument with husband Leo who Alana had already seen far too much of already tonight.  She did her best to hind behind a convenient place tree that acted as the main entrance to the dance floor. It looked to be a rather heated argument Alana could only guess what it was about. The next thing that Alana knew was seeing Leo cowering in pain and making a swift exit with his tail quite literally between his legs after Viv slapped him incredibly hard.

After making perfectly sure Leo had defiantly gone Alana carefully walked up to an upset looking Viv. She put a comforting paw on Viv’s shoulder “are you ok?” she asked watching the vixen shade a tear. Viv jumped little and then gasped in shock looking over her shoulder to
see a stunning white rabbit standing beside her.  Viv gave Alana the look of ‘hey, don’t I know you?’ The vixen took a second or two to
examine the bunny before her. “If it’s ok with you I’d rather not talk about,” Viv said wiping the tears from her eyes. From her brief encounters with Leo this evening Alana had a pretty good idea of what the argument was about. Viv looked at Alana in owe “Wow Adam, you’ve turned out surprisingly well for man” the vixen said starting to play with one of the bunny’s ears. 'Why does everyone keep doing that?' Alana thought to herself.  She then looked at Alana sternly” you know I’ve never seen Bon Bon that angry in all my years of knowing her” Viv said still taking in Alana’s quite incredible new form. “It’s Alana now,” the bunny said in rather a confident tone of voice “where is Bon Bon I’d like to apologise for the mix-up.” Viv looked at Alana sternly “hun, you’re the last person Bon Bon wants to see tonight. And anyway she’s laying low in the stock room riding the night out with a bottle of grey goose praying she won’t remember anything in the morning.” Alana was shocked about how bad Bon Bon was taking it; she made a mental note to steer clear of her for the foreseeable future. “Alana ey?” said Viv remembering just how confidently her bunny friend spoke. “I’ve never met a man take something like this so well before”

Alana blushed sweetly “It’s still sinking in for me” the bunny quickly looking down herself. “Look you look stunning,” Viv said
tickling one of Alana’s ears. “I got to head for home now, I’ve to smooth things over with Leo I don’t want to have a war in front of our children. But get out there and enjoy yourself, this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” The Vixen hugged Alana goodbye and as she went to walk away she turned back around. “I hope to see you down, here again, Adam,” she said with a wink. “Oh and don’t worry I’ll try and talk Madam Bon Bon round if she ever calms down,” she said with a chuckle. Alana watched her walk towards the changing rooms; she really was one of most beautiful women she’d ever seen. Once again Alana felt a little alone and uneasy.  A roar of noise erupted from the dance floor as the orangutan DJ who had been playing some great tracks swopped places with a very interesting yet beautiful female zebra. She was obviously a real crowd pleaser as opening her set with a classic Gorillaz track went down a storm. Alana was, however, a little disappointed that she missed not being on the dance floor for the orangutan’s set.  She walked to the bar fully intending to get onto the dance floor immediately.

Ordering before her Alana saw the two slutty hedgehogs that rudely interrupted her and Brittany earlier standing with two other girls a
blue’ish wolf and an orange fox. The four of them were ordering martinis and although Alana’s brain was filling up with female
thoughts she desperately needed something a little more masculine and a lot stronger.  Eventually, the loud gaggle of girls wandered off to the booth area. Andy the crocodile served Alana and he seemed to be taken back by her beauty. He did nothing to hind his feelings, which was a little off-putting. “And what can I do for such a fine specimen like you,” Andy asked with red love hearts in his eyes.  Alana didn’t really know to do with this male attention from such a masculine person. “Can I get a Ballantine’s whiskey sour on the rocks with tequila chaser, please?” Andy winked at Alana and started to mix the cocktail seductively in front of the bunny. Alana was feeling slightly uncomfortable but she had to admit that the crocodile had class. “There’ve on me,” he said as he placed the drinks in front of Alana. She smiled her rosy cheeks at him and in a rather un-ladylike manner Alana necked both drinks down and winced at the strength of the alcohol. “You're my kind of women,” Andy said impressed with how Alana was able to handle her drink. Then her new female sort of took control of her as she cutely curtseyed then held out her paw for Andy to kiss. Of course, Andy obliged but standing on the other side of the bar all Andy could do was to watch Alana sway away to the steps of the dance floor. Mary-Anne had to roll up his tongue, which was pretty much on the floor, and slap him around the head “you know we don’t do that to our costumes!” said shouted.

Alana was about to walk down the steps onto the dance floor when a rather dishy kangaroo waiter wearing a tuxedo came up to her and
offered her glass of champagne. Alana was feeling a little giddy from the whisky sour and the chaser but how could she possibly refuse this handsome man.  She took a glass and smiled at the kangaroo and once again gulped it down in one. ‘Much better’ she said to herself. As she put the empty glass down on a ledge that ran alongside the glass wall that surrounded the dance floor she caught her new reflection. It
had been a while since she last saw it and it still took her by surprise. She ran a paw across her muzzle then made sure that all the
fur on her ears was in place and looked fabulous for the dance floor. She took a deep breath and confidently walked down. Alana had a great big smile on her face when she finally made it onto the dance floor. It was jam-packed full of animals dancing the night away. Nearest to her was silver pony making a long series of pirouettes with a deer. Just as Alana got her bearings the zebra DJ put on the Bloodhound Gang to which the crowd went quite literally wild. So much so a big musically moose with absolutely gigantic antlers accidentally barged right into Alana. “Sorry little lady I didn’t see you,” He said still dancing away. Alana simply stuck her nose up at him and huffed while walking away.  As she made way to a different part of the club she got sucked into a trance while watching a purple wolf dancing perfectly with skunk with every move they seemed to mirror each other. Alana matched their movements and in no time at all the wolf and skunk incorporated her in their merry dance. Alana was totally lost in the moment and didn’t give a single thought to the real person she was above ground.

The track changed, as did the tempo and it wasn’t particularly to Alana’s taste so she cutely curtseyed before leaving the wonderful
skunk and wolf’s merry jig. She ventured deeper down the dance floor she was still amazed at the beauty of the creatures dancing before
her. Deeper into the club she went she found little tributes and small alcoves where plenty of animals took full advantage of in order of
some good quality alone time. She found a less busy bit floor and leaned against a tree and looked up. Alana was in total bliss and
entranced with the divine beauty above her. She was able to clear her mind from the happy hardcore that the kangaroo was now pumping out the speakers and get lost in the lights and sound of the canopy. Two scarlet macaws flow over her as she watched the millions of fairy lights twinkling amongst the huge disco balls that were hanging in the treetops. She couldn’t believe that this place was real or the
completely different person that she had become. But she had to admit that she was rather enjoying her new self it was all rather thrilling. Alana was lost in her own thoughts when she suddenly felt a strong paw on her shoulder. She turned her hand back in a bit of a panic. Standing behind her was a masculine black panther who was absolutely ripped. He stood staring at her with hungry eyes and a menacing smile that showed off his sharp teeth.

“Well, well, well,” said the panther smoothly. “Finally we’re alone, I’ve been watching you for a while.” Alana felt very nervous about the
handsome stranger and took a step back. Panther stepped towards her and took her by the paw “I haven’t seen you down here before where have you been hiding?” Alana tried to wriggle her paw out of his grip but just hung on tighter. She took a few moments to think up a convincing lie to answer the panther. “I-I don’t get much time to come down here much. My job takes up a lot of time and on top of everything else it just difficult” stutter the bunny in a fairly unconvincing way. The panther cowered “Good lord, where are my manners” he said in an apologetic way. “My name is Brandon and it’s an honour to meet such beauty like you.” He said with a bow. ‘I bet he charms all the girls’ Alana thought to herself. Something was building up inside her that she really wished it didn’t and there wasn’t much that she could do to stop these new feelings. She blushed hard and tried her best not to look in his eyes. “I’m Alana,” she said blushing even more and once again she held out her paw for yet another man to kiss. “Enchanté,” Brandon said delicately kiss her paw then rising up to meet her at eye level where they shared a moment that could have lead to a kiss. “Shall we?” Brandon said linking arms with Alana. “There’s a quiet table for two besides that palm tree,” he said pointing in the distance.

The pair had to traverse around a grey goose throwing some series shapes with red squirrel and King Charles spaniel. Alana tried to join
the group as they danced to the techno beats the Zebra was playing. But Brandon wasn’t going to take no for an answer. As they got closer
to the table resting beside the dance floor Alana prepared herself not to let any funny business take place with Brandon. Once they got
there Brandon pulled out a chair for Alana and lowered her down. She had never been treated like this before and she had no idea how to
react to his charm. He made her feel at ease and over the course of the best part of an hour the conversation flowed and Alana hated to
admit it but he was growing on her. He acted like the perfect gentleman by not talking himself too much and let Alana do most of the talking. By the end of it, the pair were getting on like a house on fire and seemed to have a lot in common. Brandon gazed into Alana's emerald green eyes as Alana couldn't help herself but stare back into his. "I would never forgive myself if I didn't" Brandon started to say as to lent in towards Alana. She felt as if she was magnetised to him, there was no escaping what was about to happen. The pair kissed passionately, Alana was totally under Brandon spell. She felt far more attracted to Brandon than she did while flirting with Andy the crocodile at the bar. She couldn't help herself but to let out some very loud and rather embarrassing moans as Brandon gripped her in more ways than one. She felt as if her whole body was aching for a man's touch but her brain, however, was screaming not to go any further. To reason unknown to herself she carried on kissing Brandon with real passion.

Finally, to her delight, Brandon pulled out of the kiss. Alana felt a mixture of relief and hint of sadness that it couldn't carry on. 'These Damn feelings!' muttered to herself. "Aaron!" Brandon exclaimed. A hunky timberwolf was the source of why the panther pulled away. Alana looked at the wolf with her big beautiful eyes as if he was her hero which you could see unnerved the wolf slightly. The looked agitated and uncomfortable. "Where's Leo?" asked Aaron the wolf, who seemed to be watching out for someone. "I've heard he's left," Brandon said wishing that Aaron would move so he could get back to Alana. The wolf looked annoyed by what Brandon said, "so have you seen the new guy yet?" Brandon shook his head. "I've heard that a few people saw him come in," the panther said getting him up in order to will him away. Once again Aaron looked annoyed "Damn it," he said slamming his paw on the table. "I was late coming tonight," he said with a sigh. "When I gave him the membership card I didn't want to stick around to chat with him but he didn't seem to be much like Wade. But we cannot be too careful around him, we can't have another Wade incident or it will be us that upstairs gets rid of. Just keep an eye out instead of getting lucky." With that, Aaron stormed off in a rage through the middle of the dance floor while knocking down a poor white stork and red panda in the process.

Alana felt extremely uneasy from what Aaron was saying about the male version of herself and had to get away from Brandon. She got up and pushed her chair in "I've got to go and meet my friend" Alana said nervously. Brandon looked upset at the bunny's sudden change of hear, "can I give you my number?" he bagged rather than asked. "Sorry," Alana said before making a swift exit. As she turned around she accidentally bumped into a pink cat who was dancing with her alligator boyfriend. "I'm so sorry," Alana said before rushing away from the scene and more importantly away from Brandon. Once she felt she was far enough away from the panther she stopped to compose herself and to breath calmly. She looked up and found herself in a completely new part of the club. In the quick getaway, she must have taken a wrong turn. Some parts of the club look exactly the same but this tributary was different from the rest. It was much calmer than the main chamber of the dance floor. Palm trees lined the walls and golden sand carpeted the floor. Orangy red lamps lit the surrounding area with a warm glow. Small alcoves seemed to branch off at every step.  A delightful beach bar was at the end of this tributary which was exactly up Alana's street. As she passed each alcove she saw a makeup room, a UV paint station selling neon glowstick, a headdress shop and stand just sold shots which seemed to have a roaring trade. Finally, Alana got all her confidence back again and strutted all the way to the beach bar. She passed an alcove that seemed to be a gaming arcade the housed every game console imaginable. She held her nose in the air and tutted as a bunch of creepy guys wolf-whistled at her. As the night progressed the zebra slowed the tempo of the music right down to a summer house mix. Speakers lined every wall so no matter where you were in the club you could feel like you were on the dance floor.

Alana got to bar and was thankful that it was quiet, she was able to take a seat a relax. The bar was run by a Fennec wearing a multi-coloured flower necklace and also fashioned a stunning flower crown too. Alana politely ordered a sex on the beach and made small talk with the fennec until her drink was prepared. She drank a good amount while sitting back taking in what had been a truly unforgettable night. She was lost in her own thoughts when somebody delicately put their paws over her eyes and kissed her neck. Alana turned around quickly worried it might be Brandon back for more. "I've missed you," said a female voice. Alana breathed a sigh of relief, standing behind her was a really quite beautiful Brittany. "Where have you been?" asked Alana. Brittany pulled an unhappy face "Sorry I have had to tell my waste of space boyfriend some fairly earth-shattering news. I'm pretty certain that will be the last of him Charlie and I will see." Alana hugged Brittany tightly "congrats I guess." struggled the bunny. Brittany took her by the paw "come on! lets hit the dance floor for the last song."Once finally on the dance floor, the girls slowly danced to MØ. The moment got the better of them and kissed much more passionately than Alana ever did with Brandon.


It's always darkest before it's dawn and it's no exception to the heart of London. Despite the odd taxi and in the far distant an oncoming female runner the strand is at total peace. The gutter that lies beneath the Lyceum Theatre started to gurgle and hiss violently. Pink and green smoke filled the air as it formed into a hippopotamus in the sky above. The hippopotamus danced and circled in the sky over an empty street. As he danced the wind picked up eventually dispersing the hippo into a shapeless shape that fell back into the gutter below. Out from the pink and green gas was golden membership card. The howling wind picked the card up and dropped down in front of the runner. Thinking nothing of it the strawberry blond girl picked the card up. It read: Dear Miss Emily Kendell you are invited to join us at Club TransMuto...


Over the next few months, Adam meets up with Brittany for a coffee frequently after work in Covent Garden. The pair were slowly growing closer together as they spent more time with each other both inside and outside the club. Adam also met up with Lizzie and Ben outside the club on a regular basis too. Viv the vixen did eventually talk Madam Bon Bon round but it did take serval weeks for her to get over that night. Adam did try out the tiger potion on his second visit down to Club TransMuto but he wasn't scared to admit he preferred his new female bunny form. Alana is now a regular visitor to the club and big interest on the newcomer Adam is now starting to cool down.
Club TransMuto (Part 3)
Adam finds a secret nightclub under the beating heart of central London. It could quite possibly be everything he was looking for.

(Disclaimer: this is a gifted story for the anonymousrainboom.deviantart.c… after giving me some great advice and help since I joined this platform. This story is his idea, not mine, so he owns the rights to the idea. I purely put my own spin on the idea.)

Also Edited by: The AnonymousRainboom 


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